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Sanxia Renjia Chinese Restaurant - Off-Site Catering

If you’re organising a dinner party in the comfort of your own home, or a celebration dinner at a local venue, or rather, you are planning a corporate event or conference, why not make it more interesting and memorable with regional Chinese dishes. Use our off-site catering service, and you will know the difference.


Sanxia Renjia have a wide selection of Chinese dishes. For private parties or business meetings typically with a size of 30- 100 people, we have a hassle free takeaway buffet service. We’ll prepare the food at our restaurant, set it up at your venue and then collect it later. Simple! (If your party is smaller than 30 people, please click here for information about our Karaoke Rooms!)


Prices for our off-site catering service are based on a range of factors. We would discuss your individual requirements such as the style of menu, the number of guests, the number of courses, the type of food you like and any special requirements, the day of the week and time of year, and also whether you would need any special equipment.


Once we are fully briefed on what you’re looking for and your budget if you’ve set one, then we can come back to you with a tailored menu and price specifically for your event. A lot of our guests were pleasantly surprised to find dishes offered by our chef that were not on our menu and yet were so delicious and authentic.



To give you an idea, the following examples demonstrate some events we’ve catered for in the past.


To devise your own menu now, please drop us an email to


Sample Menu 1

Menu Style

Buffet - Bronze

Cost per head

£16 per head, 100 people


Food delivered on-site at agreed time


Chicken & Vegetarian Spring Rolls
SanDing Bun (pork, chicken and bamboo shoots)
Spare Ribs

Main Courses

Crispy Chicken Nuggets ( with four dipping sauces)
Vegetarian Fried Noodles
Special Fried Rice
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables


Chafing dishes 
Disposable Serving equipment


All off-site catering services are subject to a minimum order value of £950 (VAT inclusive)